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With its trail of suffering and hardship, today’s world does not reflect the incredible potential that human beings are capable of achieving when they accept a challenge: from constructing the pyramids to discovering the infinitely small to mankind’s first steps on the moon.

The Planetary Week for a Better World Association would like to help all human beings realize that they have the potential to make our world a better place.

The Association’s goal is to encourage, stimulate and assist in awakening our collective conscience in order to foster ethical, innovative and quality projects. Such projects may be personal, family-based, social, professional or even consumer-oriented. They can target social, cultural, economic or political organizations at the national and international levels.

Humans are thus at the center of our concerns, regardless of the sector or sphere involved. Our goal is to build momentum for change based on ethical principles that take the basic, fundamental and universal needs of all human beings into account.


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