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The Planetary Week for a Better World is an annual project of unprecedented scope, a challenge of planetary scale that takes place on all continents. In 2012, it will be held from June 9th to 17th.

Over the course of the week, all organizations, companies, local governments, the education and health sectors, as well as all citizens, are invited to take initiatives and decisions to foster greater quality of life for everyone on the planet.

The goal is to fulfill and respect the basic and fundamental needs of all human beings.

These ethical principles involve simultaneously taking the following needs into account, without hierarchizing them:

•    Access to healthcare for all
•    Safety
•    Balance and well-being for all
•    Personal respect
•    Being inclusive rather than exclusive
•    Access to knowledge
•    Seeking fulfillment and being able to create a meaningful project.


How to participate ?


This week is a privileged moment for all the stakeholders. Each one of them may take constructive initiatives according to its own policy, its own diversity, cultural richness and its feelings.

Each stakeholder brings its unique contribution by gathering the live forces of the population on artistic, social or society-wise levels and by promoting exchanges, partnerships, individual and groups initiatives as well as cooperating to contribute together to a better world.

There is no pre-established form to participate: all stakeholders are free to conceive their own way to join.

This time must allow everyone to generally reset: not to act anymore on a short-term plan basis but to develop innovative prospects on the spot and for everyone on Earth.


Giving rather than taking
Offering rather than claiming
Encouraging rather than criticizing


Events during the 2011 Planetary Week


In 2011, over 25 million people were informed and invited to participate in the second edition of the Planetary Week for a Better World. Twenty-five events took place in 6 countries: reforestation programs, brainstorming retreats, festive activities, events for children, training days and awareness-raising sessions were organized.






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