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Sa, 07/06/2014 (Toute la journée) - Di, 15/06/2014 (Toute la journée)

Our partner Living School took wonderfull initiatives this year in the context of The Planetary Week for a Better World. They had a huge celebration time on Wednesday with the children and the families (more than 70). Let's get inspired ! 

- The children sold their artwork to contribute to the safeguard of polar bears with the WWF
- The children sang in a retirement home of the neighborhood. 
- A 5-year-old child took the initiative to bake cookies for homeless people of the neighborhood and it was so inspiring that all the children did the same. Kids, you're wonderfull !!!!

During the party on Wednesday, parents and children were invited to celebrate their initiatives of the year and to make new commitments for the year to come. A Commitment Tree for a Better World was there to collect them! 
BRAVOOOO from the team!

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